IBM Cognos Powerplay Tutorial

Cognos PowerPlay lets you identify and analyze trends in business and financial performance for better business decisions. IBM Cognos PowerPlay lets you analyze large volumes of dimensionally modeled data with sub-second response times using either a Windows client or Web browser. View data from any angle and in any combination to identify and analyze the driving factors behind your business results. Sophisticated time trending and projection lets users analyze what has changed over previous years, quarters, months, and other critical measures. Scalable, customer-proven architecture maximizes network resources.

Reference - IBM Cognos Powerplay Homepage

Here are some tutorials on IBM Cognos Powerplay.

  1. Cognos Powerplay Tutorial – Tutorial
  2. IBM Cognos Powerplay Business Guide – Download the Guide
  3. COGNOS: Cognos PowerPlay Transformer Tutorial – Cognos PowerPlay Transformer Tutorial
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