Have Safe Journey SMS

Have a safe journey – Some SMS on this topic. Feel free add your messages in the comments section.

  • Hoping all of you will have safe journey to Aconcagua and back home.
  • I hope you have safe journey to NZ and that price I would hope the airline chuck in something, anything free.
  • Wow this is a great plan and I am pretty sure that you friends there will be most please for your come back…have safe journey ahead
  • Indeed we will pray 4 yall….have safe journey.
  • Have safe journey Bob. There is nothing better than having Thanksgiving Dinner with family members & friends
  • So wish u have Safe Journey, Enjoy your vacation, if u get time to login come to say hi & hello Will miss u, take a care and don’t forget us …
  • Thanks, Bob for the great report! Sounds very nice. Have a safe journey!
  • What a cutie!! Have safe journey and enjoy Bangkok!
  • Ok, Cool Have safe journey and take care and do pop in this topic as as soon as you get back.
  • Enjoy yourself and have a safe journey…
  • Enjoy your Christmas holidays and Wishing you a Warm and Prosperous New Year! Have a safe journey !
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